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Researching online via a trusted source is one of the best ways to find advice on Dentistry, but with so many sites to choose from how does the consumer know who to trust?

www.DentalExperts.org.uk offers free, user-friendly and objective websites that are dedicated to telling you the consumer exactly what you need to know. Covering every subject and phobia that a patient could consider, the free advice given by the panel of over 29 experts throughout the country is an invaluable help to more than 200,000 visitors to the websites each month. Simply put; No more contradictory facts and commentaries you can’t trust.

DentalExperts.org.uk has brought together 6 of the leading free Dental advice websites in the UK under one roof to ensure that those seeking Dental advice and help now need look no further than this one website that houses the following websites:







If you would like more information on the above websites or are a member of the press looking for further information contact us here.


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